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As I explained it several times in my early post, I’m doing  a typeface based on a system of fix a dimension. My typeface is going to be design in a 2 by 6 grid (squares). So 2 Squares as its width and 6 squares as its height (depending on lowercase and uppercase).

The reason why is because it wouldn’t need kerning since it each letter has the same width. Also, it won’t have overlapping descenders with ascenders.

This typeface isn’t the only one that used or is using the same width approach.

Wim Crouwel’s New Alphabet:

Crouwel designed his “New Alphabet” because at that time they were using Hell Digiset. A photographic typesetter that pixeleted the curves of letters if enlarged. He made he made a typeface, that only consisted of straight lines and 45 degree angles, plus all the letters had a fixed with. Even thought it typeface kept its sharp edge clear from any pixelations after enlarged, it wasn’t readable. The “New Alphabet” wasn’t meant to be readable in the first place, it was just an experiment, just to solve the pixel problem the printer was making.


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