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Here is the basic set up of all the CAPS. Ive followed the sketches that I did of the letters, but when I rechecked it I noticed that the diagonal stems were not the same as the regular stems. I have to go back to the .Ai file and make the stems one block thick as the rest.

This letters are just vector shapes in Illustrator haven’t exported into Font Lab yet. Also the letter “I” is the only one that is not two block thick. I have to rethink on a way to make it the same width.


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  1. Ethan says:


    This is a fairly attractive set of letters… it seems an art-deco style.

    That “T” however isn’t really working for me. I just don’t see it as a T.

  2. Ethan says:

    Also, I’d like to see you writing down your thoughts about the “why” of your project. “Why” both in terms of the project in general and in terms of the choices you’re making in the designing the font.

    This exploration of “why” should be on-going–it isn’t something you’re going to be able to settle in a blog post or two. It’s important to continue to be asking and answering this question to make sure that you’re doing something rigorous and not just “winging” it. Also, being diligent about exploring the “why” will greatly help you when it comes time to write your thesis paper.

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