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Ok so at the moment, im applying kerning (the mechanics)  to the letters of Gridmon Fat. While I was doing that, i noticed that I wasn’t setting the kerning for the first typeface, Gridmon Slim, I was just adding width to the letter. This explains why the text box wouldn’t flush to the letter on the right side. After setting the kerning, I must  go back to the previous font to apply the kerning to it.


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So as I mention before I wasn’t going to do a regular thesis folder, but more of a pamphlet showing all the progress of each typeface. Im using one single sheet of paper that’s 14in x 20in that’s light weight enough for me to fold two time and stay flat and folded. I have in mined 100% recycle paper (white), but I don’t know if they have it that size or not.

In one side of each pamphlet are the steps on developing the typeface as well as the ref used (books/sites). On the other side is going to be a a poster, preferably a smaller version of the one im putting for the thesis show. This poster will show the typeface in a quote in all caps, but that’s still in development.

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I finished doing the letters for the 2×6 grid (horizontal). The usual letters from the other type gave me problems, but I managed to design it.  The difficult part im having now, is just the “&” symbol, other than that, im good to go on transferring it to FontLab.

I also finished one side of one of the pamphlets.

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ok so I export with all new tweaks for the first typeface Gridmon: Slim. I still can figure out why the leading of it. Its just frustrating to see the font way too high.

Edit: fixed it!

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I decide to deleted some of the symbols. I only kept the normal or the more used. This are the symbols that I’m keeping: ! ? ( ) . , ‘ ” ; : / \ – _ &

The “T” again is giving me trouble, its to abstract on its own.

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Ive been working on this other and last typeface for my thesis. Its pretty bold and strong. As usual Ive been having trouble creating some of the letters. Some seem to work and others, well.. im not to sure. Right now I think I have to redo the “W’s” and the “V’s” ’cause they look italic.

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Yeah, found a name for my font.
Just finished tweaking the kerning of the letters. I need notice that the “f” and “o” are to far apart, so I going back to kern it (-100). There’s no need to kern once everything is done.

I also noticed that I have to redo the “T” and “m” ’cause they are not reading well. Size 100pt with 145pt of leading, I still can’t figure out how to set the leading(if you can), but that’s a minor thing.

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March 13: Tweak letters on 2×6 grid(vertical). Do the “@” symbol. Tweak the actual exported font with kerning. Maybe produce some posters using the typeface.

March 14: Try to finished test letters from other grids. Maybe work on the thesis progress “folder”.

March 15: Finish the 2nd grid and start producing it in .Ai

March 16: Work on postcard( scan and color change), Thesis “folder” (add more sections, possible two versions) and a few posters for the show (random sentences in a square size poster).

March 17: Try Finishing the grid in .Ai (if so bring it into FontLab)

March 18: Go to class on time and bring work of the week.

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OK so this is the actual type test. The size is 202pt with everything default. So that means I have to fix the kerning, tracking and the leading. When I typed the words I had to have the CAPS LOCK on, I don’t know why but Im guessing is because I didn’t actually export the lowercase.  I do like that it’s stacked, which is what I was going for.

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Yesterday Ive finished the lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. As I see it laid out I may have to consider just having descenders on the lowercase because the “g” and the “q” seem small compare to the rest of the letters.

I love how the numbers came out. Im very happy with it. As for the symbols…well im ok with it, they are as what they are.

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