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Yeah, found a name for my font.
Just finished tweaking the kerning of the letters. I need notice that the “f” and “o” are to far apart, so I going back to kern it (-100). There’s no need to kern once everything is done.

I also noticed that I have to redo the “T” and “m” ’cause they are not reading well. Size 100pt with 145pt of leading, I still can’t figure out how to set the leading(if you can), but that’s a minor thing.


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  1. Ethan says:

    I like the name! The lowercase “t” is working better for me. I’m still having a bit of problem with the upper case “T” and especially the lowercase “m” (which reads as an “n” for me).

    What if the crossbar on the upper T didn’t have a convex curve? I think a concave curve (or perhaps straight line) might work better.

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