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Ok, so at the moment im doing the lowercase letters and through out the process i’ve noticed that the sizes are not consistent. In other words, at the moment the “a” is 3 blocks high, then I look at the “t”  which is also 3 blocks high. The “g” a changed to 4 blocks high, just so I don’t have any descenders.

With that being said, Im going to change all the lowercase letters to 4 blocks high ’cause 5 is way to close on becoming a capital letter. I find the lowercase easier to do because is a smaller version of the caps. Also some of the shapes repeat through out the alphabet.


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I may go with this type of style for my thesis folder. Will like to do a design in tabloid size in pink or light blue paper(recycle). One side will include the progress through out the semester and on the back is the finish font.


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Not really research, just a find online that I though it was interesting.


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March 6: Finish capitals, symbols and numbers

March 7: Start working on lower-case in .Ai.

March 8: Finish lower-case. Try to export fonts from Font-lab. Start sketching a few letters in other grids.

March 9: Continue sketching.

March: 10: Start thinking on what and how to design your thesis folder. Look for places to print (optional)

March 11: Show up to class.

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Ok, so I created 6 grids to do variations on some letters. I tried to keep it as minimal of boxes as possible ’cause I think the more boxes the more freedom to do letters, which will end up as any other typeface. Also if I follow the way im doing the typeface it would become bulky with those heavy strokes.

Besides the the numbers of boxes in the grid im also playing with vertical and horizontal.

Edit: I totally forgot I did 8, so im scratching one out. I might take out the 4×3 or 2×4 , but i’ll see once I do the rest of them first.

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My objective is to test several letters of the alphabet in 6 different grids. After that’s all set and done, i’ll choose two grids that are complete opposites and expand on that to make the entire alphabet.

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Here is the basic set up of all the CAPS. Ive followed the sketches that I did of the letters, but when I rechecked it I noticed that the diagonal stems were not the same as the regular stems. I have to go back to the .Ai file and make the stems one block thick as the rest.

This letters are just vector shapes in Illustrator haven’t exported into Font Lab yet. Also the letter “I” is the only one that is not two block thick. I have to rethink on a way to make it the same width.

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The measurement of this template is 400pt x 1200pt, each square is 200pt. Besides the lines that are display here, I also have two more vertical lines that show the half of the vertical columns. I have snap to grid to make the process easier, also I have the align settings to align to the art board, so its exactly flushed.

I did several letters already (each in its own layer), since the Font Lab tools were clunky to me. I haven’t yet see how to export it nor how to adjust the kerning of it. I only have “A” done and saved.

These are the basic shapes Im using. The line is 20pt.

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Im going to use this method on creating my typeface. I’ve already downloaded the .Ai file and I switched some measurements to accommodate my grid.

The program that im using is Font Lab Studio, but the only draw back is the the lines has a certain thickness to it, too thin, switch isn’t unchangeable. Everything is is fine and understandable.

Im still tweaking some letters.

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I can’t recall if they have an official name for them, but this type of LED signs have fixed width and height.

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